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The city
  • Mar del Plata is located 404 kilometres (251 miles) south-east of Buenos Aires and represents the most important holiday resort in Argentina.
  • The city is easily reached from Buenos Aires. 50 minutes by plane; 5 hours by train or bus and 4 hours by car through a modern motorway. The harbour is also another access option.
  • Mar del Plata´s current population is more than 560.000 inhabitants. Average temperature is 8º C (46.4º F) in winter and 22º C (71.6º F) in summer.
  • 47 kilometres (29 miles) of wide beaches and bays, cliffs, hills, woods, a lake, farms and quarries comprise a breathtaking landscape.
  • Mar del Plata houses a priced architectural heritage that cohabits in perfect harmony with the magnificence of a modern city. Originally it was the wealthy residents of Buenos Ares who built luxurious holiday homes.
  • The city offers visitors a great range of places to stay with a capacity of 55.000. Camping-sites, flats and houses for hire represent another accommodation option with a capacity of 300.000.
  • Mar del Plata assures there's something going on every week of the year when it comes to entertainment. The "Fiesta Nacional del Mar" with the election and coronation of the Sea Queen and her princesses; the "Estrella de Mar" Awards which honor the best shows during summer season; the Valencian Falla week; Mar del Plata Moda Show, the fashion show which gathers the best haute couture designers and the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

Sand and sea

  • Mar del Plata is the ideal location to go for a stroll along the 20 km promenade by the Atlantic coastline.
  • The wide range of beach facilities is excellent. Visitors find beaches which suite every taste. Camet beaches are located in the north. They are small and the T-shaped groynes moderate waves.
  • The panoramic view from La Perla to the south comprises Punta Iglesia, Rambla Bristol, Paseo Hermitage and Playa Varese, the right place to practise water sports and fishing.
  • Playa Grande offers exclusive beaches, a complex with swimming pool and restaurants.
  • 24 beaches located after the harbour comprise the Punta Mogotes area.
    The beach area south of the lighthouse is surrounded by sand dunes which a few miles ahead turn into imposing cliffs.
  • An exclusive spa and a naturist beach are also located in this area.

Visiting and enjoying

  • Seacruises, parasailing, horse riding, a collection of 30.000 seashells from all over the world and the sea lion reserve are among the places and activities that should not be missed.

De Los Padres Lake and Hill

  • The lake and the hill offer the possibility to practise several activities in contact with nature. A zoo offers visitors the possibility to see South American and exotic animals in open spaces that recreate their natural environments and a peacock breeding farm represents another interesting option.

The port

  • The unloading tasks after the fishing boats return to the port represent a traditional attraction.
  • Residential neighbourhoods
  • Mar del Plata´s modern buildings merge together with old residences which are part of the city´s architectural heritage. The most elegant neighbourhoods are: Los Troncos, El Bosque de Peralta Ramos, Parque Luro, El Grosellar and Los Pinos de Anchorena.

Theme Parks

  • An incredible day in a water park with a wave pool and 14 slides or a zoo with different animals.
  • Two shopping malls with a wide variety of shops, amusement arcades, cinemas and food courts tempt every visitor.
  • The commercial centre surrounds San Martin St. which turns into a pedestrian street from the cathedral.
  • Güemes St. from Falucho St. to Rodriguez Peña St. is home to the most exclusive shops.
  • Juan B. Justo Ave. gathers most of the textile factories which offer sweaters, jackets and leather articles.
  • Alem St. is one of the highlights during summer season and the place to be tempted by casual clothes shops and trendy pubs.
  • "Alfajores" and canned products represent two of the traditional souvenirs.

Aromas and Flavours

  • Eating out in Mar del Plata represents another attraction in itself. Seafood is one of Mar del Plata's cuisine highlights. Visiting the port´s commercial and gastronomic centre is an excellent idea to taste delicious dishes prepared with the best and freshest seafood.
  • A classic dish to taste is Argentinean style grilled meat and fresh vegetables.
    Italian pasta, spanish paella, mexican tacos and tortillas or sushi represent some of the alternatives the city offers.
  • Visitors should not miss the oportunity to taste the exquisite Argentinian wines and the house-brewed beers.
  • The "picadas", typical appetizers, are very popular and often served in restaurants with magnificent ocean views.

Impressive Mar del Plata

  • When the sun goes down, the city gets ready to display a new and singular aspect with the brilliant multicoloured lights of the neon signs.
  • Constitución Ave. and Alem St. are the favourite when it comes to trendy clubs and pubs.
  • The southern beaches invite visitors to live the night under the stars and to dance by the sea.
    Bernardo de Irigoyen St. in Playa Grande with its restaurants offer sobriety, refinement and good taste in every dish.
  • Mar del Plata assures there's something going on every week of the year when it comes to entertainment.
  • Gaming action at the Casino represents an interesting possibility to try your luck at roulette, cards and dice.
  • "Plaza del Milenio" (Millennium Square) boasts a fountain with a dancing water show.

Welcome on board

  • Mar del Plata is the centre for water recreation and offers a wide range of services to practice water sports such as surfing, longboarding, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, yachting and scuba diving.
    Mar del Plata is known as the National Surf Capital and attracts thousands of surfers who come to the city to enjoy their favourite sport.
  • De Los Padres Lake is ideal to practise kayaking and rowing.
  • The city offers three nautical clubs and launch sites to enjoy the sea to the fullest.
    Regattas are also popular during summer season, specially the Regatta Off Shore that gathers the best pilots from all over the world.

The open gate to The Pampas

Mar del offers some of the most pleasant and interesting countryside. Whether to stay or spend a pleasant day in the country, Mar del Plata offers manor houses built during the last two centuries and located in the genuine Pampas.
The countryside is enjoyed to the fullest. Bird watching, horseback riding, walks, farm activities, adventure sports. Nature, culture, history and traditions merge together so that visitors may enjoy holidays in the traditional Argentinean background.
The sea, the lake, the old quarries or the hills; Mar del Plata´s topography provides an ideal place to practise all kinds of sports.
Trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappeling, horsback riding, skydiving and paragliding sky-rocket visitors´ adrenaline.
For those who love golf, the royal and ancient game is a way of life.
Every golfer relishes the challenge of new and different courses, and in Mar del Plata there is a great opportunity to seek them out. The Mar del Plata Golf Club is known as the Golf Cathedral and is visited by personalities and top players from all over the world.

Congresses and conventions destination

  • Mar del Plata is the most important Destination for Congresses and Conventions in Argentina after Buenos Aires. The wide range of facilities and organising services make Mar del Plata the best option for all kinds of meetings, congresses and conventions.
  • Mar del Plata's dynamic hotel industry offers 3, 4 and 5 star hotels with facilities which assure an excellent outcome.
  • More than 200 meetings with approximately 40.000 participants take place in Mar del Plata per year.
  • The Municipal Sports Park where the XII Pan American Games took place is ideal to host fairs and exhibitions. It is home to a swimming complex, a track and field stadium, a velodrome, a hockey pitch, a footbal stadium and a multi-purpose stadium.
  • The Municipal Convention and Exhibition Centre on a 3700 m² covered surface represents another option to host meetings.

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