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Oti Internacional was created in 1966 as an incoming travel agency. Soon after we became travel specialists in domestic trips. Because of our rapid growth we were recognized by IATA in 1972 and became the leading company in international airline ticket sales. In 1985 we opened our Group Tours Department and since then we have programmed and realized a great number of trips to the most important and exotic destinations.

All our professional achievements with the highest level of quality and responsibility were one of the aspects taken into account by American Express to designate us in 1993 as their representative in Mar del Plata becoming a member of the American Express Travel Services World Net, which actually means being part of the most important tour operator in the world.

The opening in Mar del Plata of some deluxe hotels turned it into a regular venue for important international events, such as The 1995 Pan-American Games, The 1997 International Film Festival, the International Oceanography Congress, Rotary Club and Lions Club conventions, all of them with services provided by Oti Internacional .

Today we still have the same hope and willingness we had in 1966, with the firm intention of providing the best and most professional services to our customers, whom with their loyalty and consequence allowed us to walk this special path with great results.

Miguel Tettamanti, an anxious 22 year-old boy, had a dream in 1966 which seemed impossible. Today, he is our General Manager and President of Oti Internacional SA.


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